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It is 8 p.m. and you are finally hitting the road after a long day. You are cruising along thinking about how you will finally get to relax when you walk in the door. All of a sudden the dash board lights flash and your car loses all power. What now?

Has this or something similar ever happened to you or a loved one? Uncertainty, fear, and stress hit all at once. What should I do? Who should I call? What’s this going to cost?

Elite Features and Benefits

Pinnacle’s Elite Membership offers members safety, security and service on today’s increasingly busy and dangerous streets and highways anywhere in the world! When an unexpected hazard or inconvenience occurs, members are entitled to receive:


  • $100 in emergency roadside assistance and locksmith service for any vehicle you are driving or riding in, per service call, from Pinnacle’s 24-hour North American dispatch center or from the service provider of your choice.
    Vehicles Include:  
    Personal Vehicles RVs
    Car Rentals Motor Homes
    Company Vehicles Campers
    Travel Trailers Boat Trailers
    Recreational Trailers Single Rear Axle Trucks
    Motorcycles Commercial Vehicles
    Benefits & Services Include:
    Battery Boost Tire Change
    Fuel Delivery Parts Delivery
    Towing or Wrecker Service Winching Services
    Freeing Locked Keys Replacing lost keys
    Freeing "frozen" locks Replacing broken keys
      And More!

  • Emergency Travel Services offering a menu of worldwide services ranging from last-minute flight changes to cash wire transfers.

  • * $500 in travel assistance to reimburse you for vehicle rental and/or travel expenses when the vehicle you are driving or riding in is stolen or disabled due to an accident. This includes car rental, lodging, meals and public transportation.

  • ** $500 bereavement travel assistance to reimburse you for commercial transportation to your residence and/or storage of your vehicle if a parent, spouse, or child dies when you are more than 100 miles from your residence.

  • Medical Assistance from physician referrals to medical evacuations anywhere in the world.

  • $5,000 stolen vehicle reward to deter theft and help you recover your vehicle.

  • $25,000 bond to release you for speeding or other moving traffic law violations or vehicular manslaughter or vehicle-related negligent homicide.

  • *** $200 in legal fees to defend you for speeding or other moving traffic law violations.

  • *** $2,000 in legal fees to defend you against vehicular manslaughter or vehicle-related negligent homicide charges.

  • Worldwide Travel Assistance providing travel information and assistance such as currency exchange rates and up-to-the-minute travel safety advisories before and during a trip.

  • FREE custom trip routing that includes detailed trip planning, mileage guides, destination brochures, information on road conditions, camping locations, and more!

  • FREE maps and road atlases for your vehicles. Pinnacle will provide you with state maps or various sized road atlases for your personal use!

  • Concierge Services from restaurant referrals and reservations to theater, music, or sporting event tickets.

  • Discounts on hotels, motels, car rentals, and more!

A Pinnacle Elite Membership provides the absolute best benefits and pricing available in the marketplace. Pinnacle's Elite Membership only costs:

Individual Membership Each Additional Household Member
$5.50 / month $2.75 / month

* Not available to Maryland, New York Residents due to state law.

** Not available to California, Maryland, or New York residents due to state law.

*** Not available to California, or New York residents due to state law.

See Pinnacle's Elite Membership handbook for exact benefits and services.

  Benefits and services provided by National Motor Club - Group Services, Inc.